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Honorary Membership Presentation

Bro. Tony Cater ROH, of the Queen Elizabeth Lodge was presented with his Honorary Membership in a Ceremony conducted by the PGP Bro. Steve Jones KOM on the 5th of April 2012. Brother Tony's Sponsors were Bro. Bob Buff ROH and Bro. Simon Dowse ROH. Brother Tony was presented with a HM Jewel to celebrate his 40 years of Service. Also presented were an enscribed Silver Salver and a bound copy of the ceremony by the Grand Waiter (2007) Bro. Steven Roofe ROH, who along with the Grand Waiter (2009) Bro. Rick Chesmond ROH assisted the PGP in the Ceremony.

Raising at the Queen Elizabeth

On Thursday 16th of February, Bro. Tony Carrington, of the Queen Elizabeth Lodge 7081, was Raised to Certified Primo in a Second Degree Ceremony held at the White Horse Pub in Market Deeping. The Ceremony was conducted by the PGP, Bro. Steve Jones KOM, ably supported by the PG Chamberlain, Bro. Bob Buff ROH and the Officers of the Peterborough and District PGL. There was a very good turn out and Visiting Brothers from the Kings Lynn Province, including the Grand Waiter 2007, Bro. Steven Roofe ROH, were in attendance. Brother Steven presented the newly Raised Primo with a bound copy of the evenings Ceremony and Bro. Alan Brown KOM, the PG Waiter, presented Brother Tony with a Sash and Collarette on behalf of the Lodge.

Brother Tony's Emblem presentation took place on the 5th of April 2012, again it was conducted by the PGP, Bro. Steve Jones KOM.

Honorary Membership Presentation

On the 25th of January, Bro. Ian Gunn ROH, of the Eastgate Lodge 6393, was presented with Honorary Membership in recognition of his Forty years Membership in the Order. The Presentation was an 'Open Ceremony' that followed the first PGL visit of the year. The Ceremony was conducted by the PGP, Bro. Steve Jones KOM assisted by the Grand Waiter of 2007, Bro. Steven Roofe ROH and the Grand Waiter of 2009, Bro. Rick Chesmond ROH. There was a magnificent turnout from both PGL and Lodges of the Province. Brother Steven then presented Brother Ian with a Bound Copy of the Ceremony and an Inscribed Mounted Clock.

2012 PGL Officers

Martyn Sharp - 2011 Charity Swim

Locomotive Lodge Raising

Provincial Grand Primo, Bro. Jim Hartigan ROH and Bro. Gerry Wood CP
Bro. Gerald Wood was Raised to the Second Degree on Thursday 24th November at the Brazza Club, March. The Induction Ceremony was conducted by the PGP, Bro. Jim Hartigan ROH, ably supported by the Provincial Grand Chamberlain, Bro. Paul Plitsch ROH and the Officers of PGL. As well as the visiting Brothers from Lodges of our Province, there was representation from the Cambridge and Kings Lynn Provinces including Grand Waiter Bro. Steven Roofe ROH.
Brother Gerald was presented with his Second Degree Emblem on the 5th of January 2012 by the Worthy Primo of the Locomotive, Bro. Roddy MacGregor ROH.

Valiant Lodge Initiation

Mr John McFeteridge was Initiated into the Order on Tuesday 18th October 2011 at the Valiant Lodge 8806. The Ceremony was excellently conducted by the Grand Waiter of 2009, Bro. Rick Chesmond ROH, PPGP, with 36 Brothers in the Link. The new Brothers Sponsors were Bro. Graham Holliday KOM and Bro. Sean Mulholland (though Bro. Mike Ansell stood in for the Ceremony). Bro. John was supported by his father-in-Law, Bro. Brian Roseman ROH from Plymouth, who presented the newly Initiated Brother John with a Valiant Lodge Jewel.

PGL Dinner 2011

The 2011 Dinner took place at the Cresset on Saturday 15th of October and was again well supported. A nice meal was followed by excellent entertainment from 'ClosertwoHome'. The evening also included a Raffle with some of the prizes donated on the night. The DPGP would like to thank all Brothers & Lodges for their support in the planning, preparation and support on the evening. A big thanks also to all who attended, their Ladies, Partners and Guests.

Bro. Steve Jones KOM, DPGP.

Double Presentation

On Wednesday 14th of September, at the King George Lodge, the PGP, Bro. Jim Hartigan ROH, presented an Honary Membership Award to Bro. John Smyth ROH and a Fifty Years Award to PPGP, Bro. Dennis Felstead ROH.

Fourth Degree Raisings

Bro. Barry Burrell of the Fenman Lodge was Raised to the Fourth Degree on Friday 12th August. The Installing Officer was the Peterborough & District ROH Assembly, ably supported by the Director of Ceremonies, Bro. Terry Colingwood ROH.

Bro. Brian Phillips of the Locomotive Lodge was Raised to the Fourth Degree on Thursday 18th August. The Installing Officer was Bro. Alan Norris ROH, ably supported by Bro. Terry Colingwood D of C and the other Officers of the ROH Assembly.

Bannister Cup Fishing

On Sunday 14th of August the Bannister Cup took place at Yoke Farm Fishery. The event was organised by the Avondale Lodge, winners for the last two years, who this year found themselves pushed into the Runners up slot. The Bannister Cup was won by the Welland Lodge with the Eastgate 'A' team coming third.
PGL Officers for 2011

Third Degree Raisings

Bro. Malcolm Brock

Bro. Malcolm Brock of the Valiant Lodge, was Raised to the Third Degree on Sunday 3rd of July at Wittering Village Club. The Ceremony was superbly carried out by Bro. Rickie Davy ROH. There was a good turn out for the event with visiting Brothers form South Yorkshire, Kettering and Cambridge among others.

Bro. Pete Beeby

Bro. Pete Beeby KOM, was Raised to the Third Degree on the 12th of January 2011. The Ceremony was conducted by the President of the Peterborough & District Knights Chapter, Bro. Tony Carpenter ROH

Fourth Degree Raisings.

Bro. Barry Burrell of the Fenman Lodge, was Raised to the Fourth Degree on Friday August 12th at the Farcet Village Club, the Installing Officer was the Assembly President, Bro. Roddy Woodthorpe ROH.

Bro. Brian Phillips of the Locomotive Lodge, was Raised to the Fourth Degree on Thursday August 18th at the Brazza Club, March. The Installing Officer was Bro. Alan Norris ROH of the Locomotive Lodge.
PGL Dinner 2010 

The Dinner took place on Saturday 30th of October at the Cresset in Bretton. Entertainment was provided by 'Closer to Home' who's great performance helped make a superb night after a very nice meal. Congratulations to the DPGP, Bro. Jim Hartigan ROH, for organising such an excellent evening, and well done to Alison & the Cresset Staff.


PGL Officers for 2010


Raisings in 2010

Bro. Brian (Jamie) Wade, of the Willoughby Lodge, was raised to the Fourth Degree on Tuesday the 20th of July at the RAOB Club in Bourne. The Installing Officer was the Roll of Honour Assembly President, Bro. Tony Carpenter ROH, who conducted a superb Ceremony ably assisted by the Assembly Director of Ceremonies, Bro. Bob Macnamarra ROH & the Officers of the ROH Assembly. Bro. Jamie thanked the Brothers who attended and was extremely pleased at the magnificent turnout. Bro. Peter Nadin ROH, Grand Alderman of Juniper 2005 & Bro. Rick Chesmond ROH, Grand Waiter 2009 assisted in the Ceremony.

Bro. Colin Cammidge, of the Eastgate Lodge, was Raised to the Third Degree on Wednesday 19th May. The Installing Officer was Bro. Bob Crowe KOM supported by the Knights Director of Ceremonies, Bro. Chaz Fenner KOM and the Brothers of Peterborough Knights Chapter 220.

PPGP, Bro. Pete Dudley, of the Valiant Lodge, was Raised to the Third Degree on Saturday 17th of April. The Raising was held at the Queen Eleanor School Sports Hall, Stamford. The Installing Officer, The Knights Chapter President, Bro. Barry Burrell KOM, conducted a superb Ceremony  from memory, ably assisted by the Director of Ceremonies, Bro. Chaz Fenner KOM.

PGP Pete Dudley CP - A Close Shave

At December 2009 PGL Bro. Pete had his hair cut & head shaved in support of his Charity, Epilepsy Action. The 'Dastardly Deed' was performed by Angie Fenner.


Pete & Angie - time for a trim

Coming off a treat

Roddy does a 'Quality Check'

£100 was raised on the night - any further donations greatfully received.

Fourth Degree Raising - 28th November 2009

Bro. Gary Thatcher of the Fenman Lodge was Raised to the Fourth Degree on Saturday 28th November at the Farcet Village Club. The Installing Officer was the Grand Waiter Bro. Rick Chesmond ROH. 

Presentation of Past Provincial Grand Primo's Certificates

At November PGL, the PGP, Bro. Pete Dudley CP presented eighteen Past Provincial Grand Primos with their Certificates. The oldest serving Provincial Grand Primo in attendance being Bro. Sidney Forster ROH, Past Provincial Grand Secretary, who was the Provincial Grand Primo in 1948. 

Edith Cavell Hospital, Ward 10, Bladder Scanner Appeal

The Queen Elizabeth Lodge have made a donation of £100 to the Appeal and the Valiant Lodge have also presented a cheque for £300.

For further details of the Valiant Lodge presentation, go to the Minor Lodge Page.  

PGL Dinner, Saturday 24th October 2009

The 2010 Dinner took place at the Thorney Lakes Golf Club. The PGP, Bro. Pete Dudley CP, thanked Brothers Simon Dowse ROH, Pete Carnell ROH and Bro. Dave Spencer ROH, for their efforts in the organisation of this years event. Bro. Pete also thanked Brother's Robert Dudley, Sean Mulholland, Roy Bell ROH & Bob Buff ROH for organising the Raffle & Cash draws.

The Grand Waiter, Bro. Rick Chesmond ROH, presented Kerry Dudley with a bouquet of flowers on behalf of PGL. A donation to the PGP's Outside Charity Appeal was made by Bro. Dave Spencer ROH, £100 from the evenings Cash Draw.

Brothers Robert, Pete & John Dudley. 

The Officers of PGL

The PGP's support Team, John, Kerry & Robert 

Third Degree Raising - 17th September 2009  

Bro. David Francis Weldon CP, of the Queen Elizabeth Lodge was Raised to the Third Degree on Thursday the 17th of September 2009. The Installing Officer was the Knights Chapter President, Bro. Roddy Woodthorpe ROH, PPGP 2005.

Eastgate Lodge Charity Walk 

This years walk, in support of the PGP's Outside Charity, Epilepsy Action, took place on Saturday 22nd August. Well done to all of the Brothers & Families of the Eastgate Lodge as well as Bro. Bob Manamarra ROH, Bro. Bruce Duncombe ROH and Families from the Fenman Lodge, the PGP, Bro. Pete Dudley CP, and Brothers Sean Mullholland & Robert Dudley of the Valiant Lodge. The PGP drew the Raffle Tickets and thanked those attending for their support including a visitor from the Pride of Ramsey Lodge 9677, Isle of Man Province, Bro. Billy Littlewood KOM. Bro. Pete then thanked Bro. Chaz Fenner KOM and his good Lady Angie, for all their efforts organising the event.

A cheque to the value of £750 was presented to the PGP by Bro. Chaz & Angie at the PGL Dinner on the 24th of October. 

The Bannister Cup, 12th July 2009 

The 2009 Bannister Cup was won by the Avondale Lodge. The Trophys were presented by the PGP, Bro. Pete Dudley  CP and the event was again organised by Bro Martyn Sharp ROH and once again it was a great day out.

Pip Weatherington receives the Bannister Cup.


The Eastgate wins the Tate Shield - Runners Up

Third Place, The Welland wins the Goodwin Cup

Individual Winner Mike Nichols, fishing for the Welland wins the Kate Wright Shield 

Biggest Weight for a Buff, Bro. Pete Beeby CP wins the Parker Shield

Smallest Fish Trophy Winner - Bro. Richie Houston of the Valiant

Scamp Cup (Junior) Winner - James Jones of the Eastgate


Winner of the 'Best Dressed Man on the Bank - Bro. Bob Macnamara ROH

This Trophy and the 'Smallest Fish' Cup were donated by the Grand Waiter of 2007, Bro. Steven Roofe ROH 

Third Degree Raising of Bro. Graham Holliday, March 2009

Bro. Graham Holliday, was Raised to the Third Degree at the Wittering Village Club, on Sunday 22nd of March. The Installing Officer was Bro. Tony Hallam ROH, The Provincial Grand Secretary and Past President of Knights Chapter.


Presentation of 60 Year Scroll.

At a superb event hosted by the Valiant Lodge on Wednesday 25th February, The Grand Primo, Bro. Bill Hartmann ROH presented a 60 Year Scroll to Bro. Frank Goodley ROH. Bro. Franks's Sponsors were Bro. Dave Walker ROH (1st Sponsor), Bro. Dave Spencer ROH (2nd Sponsor) and a Special 3rd Sponsor, Bro. Sid Forster ROH. In addition to the presentation by the Grand Primo, Bro. Steven Roofe ROH (Grand Waiter 2007), presented Bro. Frank with a Silver Platter on behalf of himself & the Valiant Lodge. The PGP Bro. Pete Dudley CP on behalf of the Valiant Lodge, as their Worthy Primo, presented a 60 year Star & Bar.

A Guard of Honour was provided by the Valiant Lodge, introduced by City Chamberlain, Bro. Bob Benjamin ROH and the Peterborough & District PGL introduced by the Provincial Grand Chamberlain for the evening, Bro. Terry Collingwood ROH. There was also in attendance a number of past & present Grand Lodge Officers, the like of which has not been seen in our Province since Grand Lodge was held in Peterborough in 1944 as noted by Brother Sid Forster.

The evening was organised by the PGP Bro. Pete Dudley CP, who would like to thank the following for their support: Bro. Dave Spencer ROH , Bro. Richie Houston, Bro. Robert Dudley and Mr Shaun Mulholland.

 Grand Waiter's Collar Presentation

Bro. WAC Hartmann, The Grand Primo, presented Bro. Rick Chesmond with his Grand Waiter's Collar. Brother Rick's Sponsors were Bro. Pete Dudley CP, PGP and Bro. Steven Roofe ROH, Grand Waiter 2007. The Guard of Honour was again provided by the Valiant Lodge & Peterborough & District PGL, with the assembled Grand Lodge Officers to witness & assist in the ceremony.

Bro. Micheal (Dusty) Miller ROH presented the Grand Primo, with a cheque for £150 for his 2009 appeal from the Members & Guests assembled. 

Rick Chesmond ROH

At the December Meeting of Grand Lodge Brother Rick was elected Grand Waiter 

Third Degree Raising - 30th November 2008   

Brother Steve Jones of the Eastgate 6393, was Raised to the Third Degree at the Farcet Village Club, on Sunday 30th of November. The Installing Officer was Brother Martyn Sharp R.O.H. the President of Knights Chapter.


Brothers Martyn Sharp ROH, Bro Steve & Bro. Roddy Woodthorpe ROH. As well as Installing Bro. Steve to the the Third Degree, Bro. Martyn Initiated him into the Order in April 2004 and Bro. Roddy Raised him to the Second Degree in July 2005.


The PGL Dinner took place at the Cresset in Bretton on Saturday 25th of October. The food, service & entertainment were superb. Bro. Pete Dudley, the Deputy PGP, assisted by his good Lady & Sons, is to be congratulated for organising such an excellent evening.

Fourth Degree Raising - Thursday 2nd October 2008

The PGP, Bro. Pete Carnell of the Queen Elizabeth Lodge 7081, was Raised to the Fourth Degree at the Farcet Village Club, on Thursday the 2nd of October. The Exalting Officer was the Roll of Honour President, Bro. Graham Spencer ROH.

Fourth Degree Raising - Tuesday 26th August 2008

Bro. Tony Almond, was Raised to the Fourth Degree at the Willoughby Lodge 4172, on Tuesday the 26th of August. The Exalting Officer was Bro. Bob Salmon ROH.


A Sponsored Walk took place on Saturday 9th of August in support of the PGP's Outside Charity 'Talking Newspapers for the Blind'. The event was organised by Bro. Chaz Fenner KOM of the Eastgate Lodge with tremendous support from good lady Angie. Bro. Pete Carnell, the PGP, accompanied by his good Lady Joyce, also participated & later drew the raffle tickets in the Three Horseshoes. 

A total of £1100 was raised, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Stuart Deane who individually secured a lot of sponsorship. Once again Congratulations to Chaz & Angie.

Third Degree Raising - Thursday 17th July 2008 

Bro. Charlie Charlesworth of the Queen Elizabeth Lodge 7081 was Raised to the Third Degree on Thursday 17th July at the White Horse, Market Deeping. The Installing Officer was the PGP, Bro. Pete Carnell KOM

2008 Bannister Cup Fishing Competition

Took place on Sunday 13th July at South Holland Main Drain, Spendlas Lane, Sutton St. James, Lincs.

 PGP, Bro. Pete Carnell presents Bro. Pete Beeby with the Bannister Cup for the Winning Team The Eastgate Lodge.

Congratulations to Bro. Martyn Sharp for arranging such a fine day out and a big 'Thank You' to Bro. Pete for coming out to present the Trophys. 

Third Degree Raising - 5th June 2008

Brother Alan Brown, of the Queen Elizabeth Lodge 7081, was Raised to the Third Degree at the Farcet Village Club on Thursday 5th of June. The Installing Officer was Brother Roddy Woodthorpe R.O.H. the PPGP of 2005.

Third Degree Raising - 25th May 2008

Brother Chaz Fenner, of the Eastgate Lodge 6393, was Raised to the Third Degree at the Farcet Village Club on Sunday 25 May. The Installing Officer was Brother Martyn Sharp R.O.H. the Peterborough & District Knights Chapter President.

Eastgate Lodge - Initiation

Will Sharp was initiated into the Order on Wednesday the 19th of March 2008. The Ceremony was performed by his Father, Bro. Martyn Sharp ROH. His Grandfather, Bro. Sam Sharp ROH presented a Collarette and Bro. Alex Naismith Deniston III presented him with a First Degree Jewel. PGP, Bro. Pete Carnell, attended with a magnificent turnout of PGL Officers.

Bro's Sam, Will & Martyn Sharp

 Third Degree Raising - 22nd January 2008

Bro. Keith Mitchell was Raised to the Third Degree at the Willoughby Lodge, 4172 on Tuesday 22 January. The Installing Officer was Bro. Bob Salmon R.O.H.


Second Degree Raising - 12th December 2007

Bro. Craig Nicholson was Raised to the Second Degree on Wednesday 12th of December, at the Eastgate Lodge 6393. The Ceremony was performed by the PGP. Bro. Peter Robertson ROH. 

Fourth Degree Raising - 14th November 2007

Bro. Brian Corney was Raised to the Fourth Degree at the King George Lodge, 6563 on Wednesday 14 November. The Exalting Officer was Bro. Bob Macnamara ROH, the Roll of Honour President.

PGL Dinner and Dance

The PGL Dinner & Dance took place on Saturday 27th of October 2007, at Thorney Golf Club's 19th Hole. An excellent meal was followed by musical entertainment from the duo 'Barnaby'. There was also a superb Raffle with many of the Brothers lending their support. The Deputy Provincial Grand Primo, Bro. Pete Carnell KOM, is to be congratulated for organising such a magnificent evenings entertainment.

There was also the draw in support of  P.G.P. Bro. Peter Robertson's outside Charity  'Hospital at Home'. A raffle that has been ongoing since January for an RAOB  Buffaloe cross-stitch created by Bro. Peter's Father, Bert, was won by Bro. Dennis 'I never win anything' Felstead ROH, of the Fenman.

Initiation - 12th October 2007

Mr John Robert Middleton was initiated into the Order on Friday October 12th in the Fenman Lodge. The Ceremony was performed by the Worthy Primo Bro. Bob Macnamara ROH, President of the Roll of Honour Assembly. 

Fourth Degree Raising - 11th October 2007

Bro. Philip Chalkley was raised to the Fourth Degree at the Queen Elizabeth Lodge 7081, on Thursday 11 October. The Exalting Officer was Bro. Bob Macnamara ROH, the Roll of Honour President. 

Initiation - 10th October 2007

Mr Paul David Robert Lonergan was Initiated into the Order on Wednesday October 10th in the Eastgate Lodge. The Ceremony was performed by Bro. Tony Carpenter ROH.

Third Degree Raising - 19 April 2007



Congratulations to Bro. W. Maher KOM of the Avondale Lodge, who was raised to the Third Degree on Thursday the 19th of April. The Ceremony was performed by the Knights' Chapter President, Bro. Alex Denniston ROH.


Fourth Degree Raising - 31st  January 2007 

Bro. Tony Carpenter was raised to the Fourth Degree, on Wednesday the 31st of January, by the Andrew Grainger Lodge No 9898 from Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The raising took place in the Eastgate Lodge, the Exalting Officer was Bro. Bob Macnamara ROH, the President of the Roll of Honour Assembly. There was a magnificent turn-out with many visiting Lodges, Provincial Grand Lodges, Knights Chapter and individual Brothers including past and present Grand Lodge Officers. The evening was rounded off with some excellent Graze prepared by the 'Buffess' of Bro. Mick Reeve K.O.M. of the Eastgate. Thanks to all of the Brothers who attended, making this such a memorable evening for Brother Tony.

Fourth Degree Raising - 6th December 2006

Bro. Bill Smith ROH congratulates Bro. Bill Kennedy ROH

Bro. Bill Kennedy of the Welland Lodge was raised to the 4th Degree on Wednesday 6th of December. The Exalting Officer was Bro. Bill Smith ROH.

Bannister Cup Fishing 2006

Trophy Presentation

Bro. Barry Scotney ROH, PGP of 2006, presenting Bro. Pete Dudley CP, with the Tate Shield, the Runners up Trophy won by the Valiant Lodge.

Luke Grundy (Son of Roy from the Eastgate) is presented with the 'Scamp' Trophy for the heighest weight catch among the Juniors