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PGP's Appeal Archive

2019 PGP's Appeal


IPPGP, Bro Sam Fishburn, KOM, stated at the November 2020 PGL that the final total rasied for the 2109 Charity Appeal was £3175 and thanked Romayne Scotney for participating & raising £200 in a Charity Cycle Ride around Rutland Water.

The Cheque Presentation will take place once it is safe to do so.

At the January 2020 PGL, Bro. Bob Macnamara, ROH, PPGP, presented a cheque to the Bro. Sam Fishburn, KOM, on behalf of the Fenman Lodge 8960, to the value of £1000, Romayne Scotney also presented a cheque for £200 following a Cycle Ride that she, Brother Barry & Brother Sam took in 2019.

At the April 2019 PGL, Kate Marshall, a Dementia Specialist, came and gave a talk about the work carried out by the Dementia Support Staff and Volunteers. She thanked Bro. Sam for choosing them as his Outside Charity Appeal for 2019. Sam in turn thanked Kate for her presentation to the Brothers.


Dementia Support South Lincs helps people with dementia retain their identity and individuality by welcoming them and their carers into a supportive and friendly community environment that offers advice, activities, sharing and understanding thereby improving quality of life and reducing feelings of stress and loneliness, and works to raise awareness amongst those unfamiliar with dementia.

Set up in 2011 Dementia Support South Lincs is a registered, independent charity now supporting more than 250 families in Bourne, Stamford and The Deepings area who are affected by some form of dementia or memory loss.

"We believe having dementia doesn't mean losing your identity or individuality"

Dementia Support South Lincs focuses on the person behind the condition. Our Dementia Support Workers offer emotional support and one-to-one advice and information through home visits, telephone, e-mail contact and our quarterly newsletter.

"We believe that every person affected by dementia should be supported by people who reassure them, give them courage and confidence."

People with dementia and their carers are welcomed into a supportive and friendly community environment with therapeutic activities and social events run by our Dementia Support Workers, volunteers and Trustees. These groups can be a time to share experiences and make friends.

"Every person living with dementia should be treated with respect."

We campaign to make a difference with politicians both at a local and national level, with Clinical Commissioning Groups and Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust to determine policies around dementia care.

We actively support national initiatives such as Alzheimer’s Society-led Dementia Friendly Communities programme, working with towns, churches, shops, banks and organisations in the local area. We work with other community sector organisations through our involvement with South West Lincs care Consortium.

2018 PGP's Appeal



Bro. Bob Macnamara, ROH, 2018 PGP, made a cheque presentation to No Gain No Pain (NGNPUK) at the March 2019 PGL for £7683:68.

Fundraising for Syringe Drivers

Presentation by Romayne Scotney to the Brother Bob. 04/Feb/2019.

A cheque to the value of £2610:50 was presented to Brother Bob
by the Brothers of the Fenman Lodge.


The Eastgate Lodge presented Brother Bob with a cheque for £3500

2017 PGP's Appeal


Brother John Dudley presented a queque to the value of £1654:82
 to the Crokus Club Treasurer Alan Symonds


An Introduction
The Crokus Club was originally established 17 years ago by the staff on the Ear, Nose and Throat Ward at Edith Cavell Hospital in Peterborough for those affected by cancer of the larynx. Regular meetings were held for patients and their families, with friendships forming and advice and experiences exchanged. The group became affiliated to The National Association of Laryngectomee Clubs and gained charity status.

As with many laryngectomy clubs throughout the UK, the decision was made in 2011 to offer support to not solely laryngectomees but to those affected by all the other head and neck cancers, and the group became The Peterborough Head and Neck Cancer Support Group – the Crokus Club.

This move proved to be very successful and support is now given to – and by – patients and families living in a large area of East Anglia.

We have a good “Buddying” system; if requested, committee members are happy to visit patients before, during and after treatment. We also meet every other month on a Wednesday afternoon when and all patients, carers and family can get together if they feel like it. For patients – or family members – who would like contact but prefer not to have face to face meetings, regular phone and email contact can also be made if requested.

2016 PGP's Appeal


Brother Tony Hallam presented a cheque to Amy Clark
representing the Charity Appeal 'Little Miracles'.

Amy addressed PGL to thank Tony and the assembled Brothers & Ladies for the cheque and to explain the aim of 'Little Miracles' & to explain why she got involved and what activities the children get up to.

Amy said: "Without the support of groups like you we wouldn't be able to work with families tp provide events and days out for disabled children in Peterborough."

Tony made special mention of the support given by Romayne Scotney thanking her for her tremendous efforts year on year in the support of PGP's.

2015 PGP's Appeal

The Cheque Presentation took place on 07/Mar/2016
(No Photo available)


As she has since 2006, when Husband Barry was PGP, Romayne Scotney presented a cheque to the PGP's  Outside Charity Appeal. The 2015 PGP, Bro. Dave Spencer ROH, thanked remain thanked Romayne for her latest efforts and the continuing support of the many Appeals that she has generously contributed to.


A Race Night was held at the Farcet Village Club on Friday 11th of September 2015, PGP Bro. Dave thanked everyone for their attendance & support of the event which raised £600, well done everyone.

2014 PGP's Appeal


Cheque Presentation 03/Feb/2014

At the February PGL Brother Bob made a presentation to representatives from Talking Newspapers for the Blind. Brother Bob thanked all of the Brothers and Partners who had supported him in raising the magnificent sum of £3900. Bob especially thanked his Good Lady Margaret for her unstinting support during his enjoyable year as the Head of the Peterborough & District Province.

Talking Newspapers for the Blind Donations.

On Friday the 12th of December the Fenman Lodge held a Bingo and Fish and Chip Night at the Farcet Village in support of the PGP's Appeal. This was a well supported event and the PGP thanked the Fenman Lodge for their hard work.

There was a Horse Racing Night held at the Farcet Village Club on Friday the 10th of October - £568 was raised for this years appeal.

The PGP, Bro. Bob Buff ROH held a 'Hog Roast' on his Estate on Sunday 3rd of August, a magnificent day that was attended by many Brothers of the Province. Bob was supported by the Brothers of the Queen Elizabeth Lodge and his hard working Buffess Margaret and Daughters. Well done to Bob and Team for such a great day. The total raised was £768.

Pete Pierce triumphed in the "Target Golf", Alan Brown won the "Loud Shirt" competition and Dave Spencer won all of the Raffle Prizes.

2013 PGP's Appeal

Cheque Presentation 03/Mar/2014

Donations to the Appeal

Oct PGL: £150 presented by Bro. Tony Carpenter ROH on Behalf of the  ROH Assembly

Nov PGL: £65 presented by Bro. Bob Buff ROH, profit following this years PGL Dinner

Dec PGL: Bro. Werner Dukamp prsented a cheque for £500 on behalf of the Valiant Lodge and thanked the Fenman Lodge for their support. Bro. John Dudley CP, also presented the PGP with £80 from his fund raising activities throughout the year.

Jan 2014 PGL: Romayne Scotney, Buffess of Bro. Barry Scotney ROH, presented the IPPGP with a cheque for £260, monies raised during her sponsored diet.

2012 PGP's Appeal

Presentation Night 4th March 2013

At March PGL, the IPPGP, Bro. Steve Jones KOM, presented Emily Gray of the Peterborough & Fenland MIND, with a cheque for £7600 on behalf of the Brothers and Lodges of the Province. Brother Steve thanked the Brothers of the Peterborough & District Province as well as their Partners & Families for their tremendous support & told them all that the everyone should feel very proud of what they had achieved in support of the appeal.

PGL Monday 4th February 2013

At February PGL, Bro. Tony Carpenter ROH presented the IPPGP with a cheque for £1450 on behalf of the Eastgate Lodge. Brother Steve thanked the Brothers of the Eastgate as well as the Brothers of the Locomotive Lodge who had in the previous month, presented a cheque for £50 in support of Brother Steve's sponsored diet.

PGL Monday 7th January 2013

At the January PGL Bro. Steve Jones IPPGP received a cheque for £50 presented by Bro. Barry Scotney ROH on behalf of his and Romaynes Families who sponsored her 40 length swim at the local pool. Brother Steve thanked Barry and asked that thanks and many Happy Returns be conveyed to Romayne for her Bithday the very next day. Romayne has now supported the last seven PGP's and her efforts are greatly appreciated by the Brothers of the Province.
Brother Steve also paid in a cheque for £250 presented by the Valiant Lodge at their Christmas Dinner, he again thanked the Valiant Lodge for their generosity.

Receiving the cheque from Dusty at the Valiant Lodge Dinner

Martyn & Steve, Christmas Day Swim 2012

PGL Monday 3rd of December
At my last evening as the PGP at PGL I was able to thank the Brothers of the Province for their magnificent support during this most enjoyable year as a very proud head of the Peterborough and District Province.
There were also presentations made to me in support of this years Outside Charity, MIND. Bro. Malcolm Brock presented a cheque for £250 raised for his Parachute Jump in September. Bro. George White presented me with £20 sponsorship for my diet. Bro. Alex Denniston, then presented a cheque for £1095 raised from the Rock and Roll Night at the Parkway Club where he was assisted by his 'Better Half' Pam and Bro. Pete Pierce presented £1500, proceeds from the many Car Boot Sales held with the support of his good Lady Ann. Brothers Alex and Pete thanked all of the Brothers and Partners who had helped in the collection of these great totals. Brother Steve thanked Malcolm, George, Wern Dukamp, Jim Hartigan, Alex, Peter and all of the Brothers of the Province for their benevolence and support.

Rock and Roll Night 9th November
Bro. Alex Deniston of the Queen Elizabeth Lodge and his Good Lady, Pam, presented a 'Rock & Roll Evening' at the Parkway Club. Ably supported by other Brothers of the Queen Elizabeth and their 'Better Halves', namely Bob Buff and Margaret and Alan Brown and Shirley. There was a full house at the Parkway to enjoy the great music and dance to the 'Intruders', there was also tremendous support for the Raffle. Well done to Alex and Team for their hard work and to the good folks whose attendance made it such a great event.
At January 2013 PGL, Brother Dennis presented the IPPGP with a cheque for £1095.

Parachute Jump 7th September

Brothers Malcolm Brock and Jim Hartigan completed a Jump for the Charity Appeal at Sibson Airfield on the 7th of September. Sponsorship forms are still circulating out there, unlike Jim and Mal who had successful 'Jumps'. Many thanks to all those who have pledged monies.

Update 03/Dec: At December PGL, Brother Malcolm presented the PGP with a cheque for £250. Brother Werner Dukamp also presented £200 to pay for Malcs Jump.

Update 02/Oct: Brother Jim presented cheques to the PGP for £733 at the October PGL meeting.
Jim also paid the £200 for his Jump.

Bannister Cup Fishing 19th August
At the September PGL, Bro. Bill Forrest ROH, PPGP, presented the PGP with a cheque for £250, the proceeds of the Fishing Match and post match Raffle. The PGP thanked the Welland for this donation to this years Appeal and again thanked Bro. Wally Dawson ROH and Team for organising the event and Bro. Norrie Tawse ROH for the administation.

Horse Racing Night 17th August

With the kind permission of the Brothers of the Fenman Lodge, a Horse Racing Night was held at the Farcet Village Club on Friday 17th of August, many thanks to you all. The PGP, supported by Brothers Roddy Woodthorpe, Brian Corney and Pete Pierce presented a Horse Racing evening that included a Raffle and a Ploughmans Supper.

I would like to thank the afore mentioned Brothers for their support, Wife Tina and my in-laws Marion and Pete Holland for producing an amazing buffet, and my Brother, Lewis, who pitched in to help. Thanks also to Carlo from the Farcet Village Club for his most welcome support. In addition to the Brothers from Corby who accompanied Rickie Davey, I would like to thank all of the Brothers, their Wives, Partners and Guests and the Brothers and Lodges who also supported the event. I am really pleased to announce that the Race Night raised £728.

Bro. Steve Jones KOM, PGP

Car Booting

Many thanks for all the donation of items for the Car Boot Sales. Some of the better items donated have been sent to Auction and the d's are rolling in, thanks again the response has been great, more items welcomed.
At January 2013 PGL, Brother Pete presented the IPPGP with a cheque for £1500 for the MIND Charity Appeal.

2011 PGP's Appeal
Presentation Night 2nd April 2012

Bro. Jim presented a cheque for £4200 to Dee George from Hospital at Home following the PGL meeting in April. Brother Jim thanked everyone for their support.

Hospital at Home

Bro. Jim's Outside Charity Appeal for this year is Hospital at Home, a unique service offering patients hospital level care in their own homes. It is now funded by both the NHS and voluntary contributions. The medical care is the responsibility of the patients GP whilst the nursing care is the responsibility of the District Nursing Sister.

All patients within Peterborough, Fenland are eligible and may soon include Wisbech and surrounding area. The offer of care will be dependent on the GP, Nursing Staff and if applicable carer, accepting responsibility for the patient and that, if the care was not available, the patient would be in Hospital.

Charity Functions


Queen Elizabeth Quiz Night

A Quiz & Raffle held on Sunday 27th November at the Boundary Club, Market Deeping raised £270. Bro. Roddy Woodthorpe ROH presented the PGP with a cheque from the evening at the December PGL

Bingo Night and Fish & Chip Supper

Was held at the Farcet Village Club on Friday 9th December. £294.50 was donated to Brother Jim's Charity.

Bro. Nigel White (Chalky) - Got Shaved

On Saturday 12th of November at the Fletton Ex Servicemans Club, Bro. Nigel had his Magnificent Moustache, Beard, Hair and Eyebrows shaved off. An auction took place to have the honour of carrying out the 'Dastardly Deeds'. More details to be published soon.

Bingo Night - Friday 21st October.

The Bingo Night was in support of PGP Jim Hartigan's Charity Appeal - Hospital at Home. The 'Provincial Grand Bingo Caller' Clive Robinson was in the Hot Seat once again. The event raised £140 for the Appeal.



The Fenman Lodge organised a "Coffee Morning" at on Friday 30th September and raised £167.

At the November PGL, Bro. Bill Forest of the Welland Lodge presented the PGP with a cheque for £450 the proceeds of a months 'Last Charge Fund' collection during the July to September quarter.

Also at that meeting, Examining Council President, Bro. Alan Brown, Presented Bro. Jim with £55, the proceeds of a Raffle at the Examining Council.


2010 PGP's Appeal


A & E - Peterborough City Hospital

After PGL on Monday 4th of April 2011, the IPPGP, Bro. Terry Collingwood ROH, presented a cheque to the value of £3500 to repesentatives of Peterborough City Hospital - A & E Department.

February 2011 PGL

Bro. Bruce Duncombe ROH presented Bro. Terry with a cheque for £50 on behalf of the Fenman Lodge

December PGL

Bro. Bill Forrest presented the PGP with a cheque for £350 from the Welland Lodge's last charge in November.

Bro. Bob Macnamara handed over a cheque from Examining Council for £30 to the PGP's Appeal.

Bro. Roddy Woodthorpe presented Bro. Terry with a cheque for £200, the proceeds of a Quiz Night held by the Queen Elizabeth Lodge.

Romayne Scotney once again supported the PGP's Appeal. This time £100, collected from Bro. Barry's loose change.

Bro. Dave Sencer presented Bro. Terry £55, the final monies from the Tombola Stall ran by Dave and his Good Lady at the PGP's Family Fun Day.

Bro. Terry thanked Romayne, the Brothers of the Province and their Family Members and Friends who had supported him and his Charity Appeal. News of the total collected and a cheque presentation will be announced in the New Year.

Fenman Charity Event 23rd October

Bro. John Beeby organised a Chippie Supper Evening in support of the PGP's Outside Charity Appeal. Entertainmant was provided by Nathan Brown who gave an excellent performance, including some of his own superb compositions. The event raised £300, Terry thanked Nathan, John, everyone who had assisted him & the people who had supported the evening. 

PGP's Shoot - 29th August

  Bro. Terry organised a Clay Pigeon Shoot and Family Funday at Helpston that raised in total £541.10. The PGP was dissapointed with the turn-out and urged Brothers to support forthcoming events in the Province.

Bro. Terry would like to thank everyone, Brothers and family members alike, who have supported his Charity this year. The following activities added to the fund; Cuddly Dog Naming - £80; Sponsored Swim - £104; Bannister Cup Fishing - £157.50; Quiz Night - £200; Auction - £50.

Valiant Lodge Bar-B-Q

The Valiant Lodge held a Bar-B-Q on the 25th of July at the home of Werner & Jesse Dukamp. Monies were raised in support of the PGP's Charity Appeal, Peterborough City Hospital. Brothers of the Lodge and their good Ladies prepared the food, excelently cooked and served by the younger Brothers, Sean, Robert, John & Taff. The entertainment was provided by: Dusty Miller - Horse Racing; Rick Chesmond - The Raffle & Dave Spencer - organised the "Chuffin 'Eck". 

2009 PGP's Appeal

At April PGL Bro. Pete Dudley KOM, the IPPGP, presented a cheque for £4500 to Roger Stimpson of the Peterborough Branch & Geoff Drummond of the Stamford Branch of Epilepsy Action. Bro. Pete individually thanked the Brothers who, helped by in some cases their families, organised events in support of the appeal. Bro Pete also thanked the Lodges for their efforts.


Pete is joined by PGL & supporters of his appeal

The PGP for 2009 - Bro. Pete Dudley KOM

Epilepsy Action

Epilepsy Action's aim is to raise awareness of epilepsy, changing attitudes towards epilepsy, and to make available, information on epilepsy for those affected or those who are looking after someone with epsilepsy, whatever their age. It's membership has in it's ranks, people with epilepsy, families, friends and professionals, who by their experience are highly regarded by medical organisations and government alike. Epilepsy Action has a network of branches throughout the UK, with the Peterborough Branch being one. The Peterborough Branch are trying to raise enough funds to bring in a Sapphire Nurse (The Sapphire Nurse Scheme originates from Epilepsy Action's 45th Anniversary [Sapphire Anniversary]), into this area, who will be able to act as a specialist in the diagnosis, treatment and care of people with epilepsy. These nurses would also manage clinics, offer counselling, advice and discussion concerning epilepsy. This would provide the Peterborough area with a specialist who could give assistance to those that need it, locally.

What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy is repeated sudden bursts of  electrical activity in the brain, causing disruption in the transfer of messages to the brain, this then mixes up the correct function of the body. There are several reasons for people to develop epilepsy, these include difficult births, head injuries, strokes, infection, etc, but suprisingly, for the majority of cases there is no known cause. There are about 40 different types of seizures, ranging from brief absent moments through to convulsions, but epilepsy is not to be feared by the general public. With the right education, provided by epilepsy action, epilepsy can be  understood and the right course of action can be taken in the event of someone having a seizure, to ensure their health and safety. It is known that 1 in 131 people have epilepsy in the UK, with treatment being by administering anti-epileptic medication, which helps in controlling the seizures.

Epilepsy Action helped over 680,000 people last year and has initiated and administered the Sapphire Nurse Scheme since 1995, funding 87 Epilepsy Specialist Nurses across the UK.

Bro. Pete has had to use Epilepsy Action for advice and assistance when Bro. John Dudley CP, his son, became epileptic, 'completely out of the blue', and not having a history of epilepsy in his immediate family, found that it came as a complete shock. The local GP and the A+E department put Bro. Pete onto Epilepsy Action, through their advice and what signs to look for, was able to get Bro. John to hospital,(where they had to resuscitate him) and thus saved his life. He is now on medication to stabilise his epilepsy, but has since found out that some other Brothers of the Province and Order are also with epilepsy. It was then that Bro. Pete felt it would be a good cause to support, not only for our fellow Buffs, but with the aim of the local branch of Epilepsy Action, be able to bring a much needed Sapphire Nurse to Peterborough. Epilepsy can happen to us all and at any time, for whatever reason and as Bro. Pete found out, regardless of age or fitness.

Should you need advice or guidance on Epillepsy, check out the Epilepsy Action Website or contact one of the branches local to you, also to be found on the Epillepsy Action site.

Romayne Scotney

At January 2010 PGL, Bro. Pete was presented with a bottle full of 5p coins by Bro. Barry Scotney. This collection was made by his Good Lady Romayne and contained 2275 coins making a total of £113.75. Brothers of the Province also took part in a 'Sweep' to guess the number of coins. This raised another £50 and was won by Bro. Bruce Duncombe with a guess of 2276.

The Scotney Family

At December PGL Bro. Barry Scotney ROH, who lost a Cherished Family Member to Epilepsy, presented the PGP with a cheque on behalf of the Scotney Family.

PGP Pete Dudley CP - A Close Shave

At December PGL Brother Pete had his hair cut & head shaved in support his Charity, Epilepsy Action. The 'Dastardly Deed' was performed by Angie Fenner.

 £100 was raised on the night - any further donations greatfully received.

Queen Elizabeth Lodge

A Quiz Night was held on Sunday 8th of November 2009 at the Boundary Club in Market Deeping. The event was won by the 'Sports Club' and raised £280.

At December PGL Bro. Roddy Woodthorpe ROH presented the PGP with a cheque.

Eastgate Lodge

At the PGL Dinner in October Bro. Chaz Fenner on behalf of the Eastgate presented the PGP with a Cheque for £750 collected from a sponsored walk in July 2009.

Welland Lodge

At the PGL Visit on Wednesday 14th of October 2009, Bro. Bill Smith ROH of the Welland Lodge 9782, presented Bro. Pete with a £533 cheque, raised from the Lodge's 'Appeal of the Evening' collected over the previous quarter. Bro. Pete thanked the Lodge for their magnificent generosity.

Valiant Lodge

On Sunday the 2nd of August 2009, the Lodge held a Barbeque in support of the PGP's Appeal Epilepsy Action - Peterborough Branch.

At December PGL Bro. Dave Spencer ROH presented the PGP with a cheque  The Monies were raised from a Challenge Night with the Charles Wymer & Century Lodges of the Kings Lynn Province, the Barbeque held at the home of Wern Dukamp and topped up  to £500 by the Lodge.

Locomotive Lodge

The Lodge held a Barbeque on the afternoon of Saturday August 8th 2009, in aid of the PGP's Outside Charity Appeal Epilepsy Action - Peterborough Branch. 

At September PGL Bro. B. Phillips presented the PGP with a cheque for £365

Garden Party - Sunday 19th July

The IPPGP Bro. Pete Carnell & his Good Lady Joyce, hosted a Garden Party on behalf of the PGP, Bro. Pete Dudley's Outside Charity, Epilepsy Action. As well a Raffle and a Tombola, The Grand Waiter Bro. Rick Chesmond raised extra d's by carrying out an Auction, well supported by the attending Brothers. A total of £325 was raised for the PGP's Appeal.

The PGP for 2008 - Bro. Pete Carnell ROH

Talking Newspapers for the Blind Update,

The Treasurers Report.          

                                Peterborough and District

Talking Newspaper Association

(Charity No. 280999)


The Peterborough & District Talking Newspaper was founded in 1980, with the aim of producing a summary of the Evening Telegraph on cassette tape, which was then distributed to visually impaired listeners in Peterborough and the surrounding area, enabling them to keep up with local events, and so feel part of the community. After nearly thirty years, it was becoming apparent that the use of cassette tape was becoming outmoded and it was necessary to switch to some form of digital recording and distribution. Following a lengthy assessment of the systems available it was decided to move to one based on thumbdrives (also known as memory sticks).

This effectively involved a completely new way of recording the newspaper, duplicating it and providing listeners with a specific machine on which to play the product. The overall cost of this was just under £11,000. Initial support came from The Peterborough Province of the RAOB with a donation of £5,000, and this enabled the Association to obtain matched funding from the Cambridgeshire Community Fund. A further grant of £250 was received from the Lions Club.

The changeover took longer than expected with delays in delivery of equipment and some initial teething problems, but the whole system went into operation in late September and has bedded down well. The most successful results have been that a format is in place which should stand the test of time for the foreseeable future, and that the quality of the sound recording and reproduction has been much improved.

The rollout of the players meant that each listener had to be visited to be shown how the new system worked, and this enabled a full review of our database to be completed, together with establishing a strong link between listener and volunteer, which the Association had not had before.

Overall the venture has been a success. Initially, it was considered that the raising of the £11,000 would be a major stumbling block, but with the donation from The Peterborough Province of the RAOB, which made the obtaining of other funds from the government source so much easier, this was achieved relatively quickly. The Association is extremely grateful for The Peterborough Province of the RAOB for their support which really allowed the whole scheme to get underway.


Training day for the Association

Duplicating machine hard at work

The Player in use at one of the Members home

The PGP for 2008 - Bro. Pete Carnell ROH

Talking Newspapers for the Blind

At February 2009 PGL, Bro. Pete presented a cheque for £5000 to Jill Hucklesby, the Chairperson of Peterborough & District Talking Newspaper Association.

At January 2009 PGL, Romayne Scotney, Buffess of Bro. Barry, presented the PGP, Bro. Pete, with a cheque to the value of £330 raised on a sponsored swim.

Bro. Simon Dowse presented a cheque for £200 pounds, the proceeds from the Queen Elizabeth Quiz Night held in November.

Bro. Bob Benjamin ROH of the Valiant Lodge also presented a cheque for £210.

At December 2008 PGL, Bro. Pete Dudley CP the President Of Examining Council presented the PGP with a £25 donation from Examining Council and Bro. Barry Burrell raffled  a bottle of whiskey which raised £50 for the Appeal. The winner was Bro. Simon Dowse ROH who donated his prize to Bro. Pete Dudley for his PGP 2009 Appeal.

Bro. Chaz Fenner KOM & his Good Lady Angie, presented the PGP with a cheque for £1100, at the PGL Dinner, donations from the Eastgate Lodge Sponsored Walk.

 At November 2008 PGL, Bro. Dave Spencer ROH presented the PGP with a cheque for £100, the proceeds from raffling a £50 note at the PGL Dinner. Bro. Bill Smith ROH also presented a £500 cheque to the PGP on behalf of the Welland Lodge.

The PGP for 2007 - Bro. Peter Robertson ROH

Peterborough Hospital at Home

At the April PGL, 2008, Brother Peter presented a queque for £3,736:40 to the Hosptal at Home representative, Dee George. A presentation was also made by Richard Sistrom, who gave a cheque to Dee for £500:00 on behalf of the Retained Firemen of Yaxley.

The PGP for 2006 - Bro. Barry Scotney ROH

George Simpson Appeal

At March 2006 PGL, Bro. Barry Scotney ROH announced his outside charity for the year, to support Bro. Scott Simpson's disabled son George, Bro. Scott is a member of the Eastgate Lodge. On the 7th of May 2007 Bro. Barry presented Mrs Simpson with a cheque for £4844:50. 

The PGP for 2005 - Bro. Roddy Woodthorpe ROH

Macmillan Cancer Relief


Following the Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting on Monday 6th of March 2006, Bro. Roddy Woodthorpe ROH, the PPGP of 2005, made a presentation of a cheque for £2,230 to Jemma Dixon, the South Lincolnshire Fund Raiser for Macmillan Cancer Relief. Jemma then gave an informative presentation to the assembled Brothers, including an insight of the services and support offered by the Macmillan Cancer Relief Charity.