Peterborough PGL
G.L.E. of the R.A.O.B.



Minor Lodges of the Province


The Willoughby Lodge 4172 (merged with the Cecil Lodge) meets every Tuesday at 8pm in the RAOB Club, 22 Burghley Road, Bourne, PE10 9NR.

The Locomotive Lodge 5682 meets every Thursday at 8pm in the Braza Club, Elm Road, March, PE15 8NZ. Contact the City Secretary, Bro. Mark Valance.
Tel: 01354 660855, Mobile: 07841 829514
Note: The Locomotive Lodge also has a facebook page

The Eastgate Lodge 6393 (merged with the King George and Welland Lodges) meets every Thursday at 8pm in the Mallard Suite at the Parkway Sports and Social Club, Maskew Avenue, Peterborough, PE1 2AS. Contact the City Secretary, Bro. M. Sharp ROH at:

The Queen Elizabeth Lodge 7081 meets every Thursday at 8pm in the White Horse Public House, 27 Church Street, Market Deeping, PE6 8AN. Contact the City Secretary, Bro. R. Buff ROH at:

The Valiant Lodge 8806 meets every Tuesday at 8pm in the Stamford Bowls Club. Contact the City Secretary, Bro. P. Dudley KOM at: 

The Fenman Lodge 8960 meets every Friday at 7.30pm in the Farcet Village Club, 1 Cross Street, Farcet, PE7 3DE. Contact the City Secretary, Brother Barry Scotney on: 01733 391690.






Fenman Lodge 8960

2020 / 2021

No Charity Functions have been conducted
since 2019 - hopefully normal service will be
resumed in 2022 


Bingo / Fish and Chips

12th April, raised £360
14th June, raised £220
4th October, raised £230

The Horse Racing Night held on the
29th November 2019 at Farcet
Village Club raised £1045

Romayne Scotney presented a cheque for £250 to the IPPGP, the Fenmans Brother Bob at the February PGL.
The monies were raised by a monitored weight loss through 'Slimming World' and long distance swim marathon at Jack Hunt School.

The Brothers of the Fenman Lodge presented a cheque to the IPPGP, Bro. Bob Mannamara, ROH, to the value of £2610:50 towards his Charity Appeal, No Gain No Pain (NGNPUK)


This years Race Night was again a great sucess and raised £978 on the night. The support was magnificent helped in no small part by the attendance of the Duncombe Family and Friends, Brian Corney and the Group from Whittlesey, Brothers from the Province and regular supporters of our functions.

A big thank you for Bob Buff & Brian for running the cash desk, PGP Bob Manamara and Chris who ran the Raffle, which raised £174, Lou from the Club who put on another fantastic spread and the bar staff who looked after us.

On a final note, Steve Belham, who with his good friend Frank attend the the Fenman & Eastgate functions, donated a desk top game to be auctioned on the night. We weren't able to get it down on the night but thanks to the power of Social Media it was advertised the day after the event by my Daughter and was purchased by a local Play Group for £40. This gave us a final total of £1018 which is a fantastic effort. Once again many thanks. 
                                                                                                                          Steve Jones

The Final Fish & Chip Bingo Extravaganza held on Friday 2nd of November Raised £250 for No Gain No Pain (NGNPUK)

Thanks again for your tremendous support.

The Bingo / Fish and Chip Supper held on the 14th of September raised £400 for No Gain No Pain

The Bingo / Fish and Chip Supper held on the 17th of August raised £377 for No Gain No Pain.

Thanks to you all for your attendance and support.


The Charity event held on the 25th of May 2018 raised £400 for the PGPS 2018 Outside Charity, No Gain No Pain.

Bro. Bob Macnamara also presented a cheque for £2000 to last years Lodge Charity The Scalgate Club.

Eastgate Lodge 6393

The 2020 / 2021 CHARITY APPEAL

During the last two years Pete & Ann Pierce have
raised £3000 from their Car Boot Sales, this added
to monies generated from the Annual Cash Draws
make's a total of £4200 for the Lodge Charity Appeal.

The cheque presentation took place at the
Parkway Club on the 20th of January 2022.
The cheque was presented to representatives
of the Salvation Army by the Worthy Primo,
Bro. Roy Grundy, KOM, and the Main Fund
Raiser Bro. Pete Pierce, ROH. 


Took place on the 29th of June at the Parkway PSL Club.
A well supported event, thanks to your attendance, and raised in excess of £450 towards the 2019 Lodge Charity Appeals.


Once again a tremendous effort by Pete and Anne Pierce raise £2500 towards the PGP's Appeal, No Gain No Pain (NGNPUK).
This grand total has been achieved despite both Pete & Ann suffering from ill health throughout the year not helped by the extremes of temperature expeienced this year.

Well done to Pete and Ann & thanks for all your hard work.

There was a cheque presentation made to the PGP, Bro. Bob Manamara ROH, at the Lodge Christmas Dinner and Draw Night held at the Parkway PSL Club on Friday December 14th. 

Bro. Steve Jones ROH and Bro. Pete Pierce ROH, presented a cheque for £3500 to the PGP, Bro. Bob Macnamara ROH.


The 2018 Hog Roast took place on Saturday June 30th at the PSL Club on Lincoln Road with music provided by Billy G and the Heartbeats. Once again the Hog Roast was of excellent quality and no one went Home hungry. Pete ran a great raffle that raised £300 and a painting of a two-seat Spitfire raised £50 at auction.

Valiant Lodge 8806 


This years Bar-B-Q was held on Sunday 29th of July at the Bowls Club in Stamford and raised £305 for the PGP's Outside Charity Appeal No Gain No Pain NGNP(UK).


 Bar-B-Q was held at the Stamford Bowls Club on Sunday 30th of July. All monies raised will go towards the PGP's Charity Appeal, The Crokus Club.

Locomotive 5682


The Lodge presented a queque to Chloe following her efforts in the 2019 Marathon.
Congratulations for claiming the Runners up slot.


The Locomotive Lodge received a very welcome cheque for

£800 from Chloe, a very good friend of the Lodge, following her

efforts at the London Marathon.

The little girl is Chloe Lewis, she is 11 years old she lives in Doddington and we have helped her with several donation over the years as she is disabled she needs wheelchairs.  We helped her last year to buy a special racing wheelchair and obviously she is an appreciative little girl because she did the London Marathon this year and requested than any money raised in sponsorship all went to the Locomotive Lodge in thanks for the help she had received. Brings a lump to your throat don't it.

Bro. John Hunt, ROH, City Sec of the Locomotive Lodge.

Brother John Wood receives the Cheque from Chloe

The Locomotive are on Facebook - please use the link above

Sue Ryder cheque presentation.

More money goes to a good cause. The Locomotive Lodge gave £250 to Sue Ryder at Peterbough in sympathy of the money stolen over Christmas from the group. The lodge has experienced many losses over the years of fellow Bro's family and friends that have been helped by this charity so to hear that a donation box had been stolen was too much.
Picture shows Bro. Mark Valance a Buff for 26 years handing over another £250 to the charity

Willoughby Lodge 4172

Queen Elizabeth Lodge 7081