Peterborough & District P.G.L.

 Minor Lodges of the Province

The Cecil Lodge 2624 meets each Wednesday at 8pm in the Newage Social Club, Blackfriars Street, Stamford, PE9 2BW.

The Avondale Lodge 3581 meets each Friday at 8pm in "Dovedale", 1 Herne Park, East Road, Oundle, PE8 4BZ. 

The Willoughby Lodge 4172 meets every Tuesday at 8pm in the RAOB Club, 22 Burghley Road, Bourne, PE10 9NR.

The Locomotive Lodge 5682 meets every Thursday at 8pm in the Braza Club, Elm Road, March, PE15 8NZ. Contact the City Secretary, Bro. J. Wood KOM at:

The Eastgate Lodge 6393 meets every Wednesday at 8pm in the Newark Hotel, 239-241 Eastfield Road, Peterborough, PE1 4BH. Contact the City Secretary, Bro. M. Sharp ROH at:

The King George Lodge 6553 meets every Wednesday at 8pm in the Conservative Club, 34 Whitmore Street, Whittlesey, PE7 1HE. Contact the City Secretary Bro. R. Baldock ROH on: 01487 813415

The Queen Elizabeth Lodge 7081 meets every Thursday at 8pm in the White Horse Public House, 27 Church Street, Market Deeping, PE6 8AN. Contact the City Secretary, Bro. R. Buff ROH at:

The Valiant Lodge 8806 meets every Tuesday at 8pm in the Newage Social Club, Blackfriars Street, Stamford, PE9 2BW. Contact the City Secretary, Bro. P. Dudley KOM at: 

The Fenman Lodge 8960 meets every Friday at 7.30pm in the Farcet Village Club, 1 Cross Street, Farcet, PE7 3DE. Contact the City Secretary, Bro. J. Hartigan ROH on: 01733 242044.

The Welland Lodge 9782 meets every Wednesday at 8pm in the Peterborough Sports & Leisure Club, 651 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, PE1 3HA.


Welland Lodge 9782


 At December 2009 PGL, the PGP presented the Jack Blunt Shield to Bro. Bill Smith ROH of the Welland Lodge along with a Certificate of Merit.


 At December 2008 PGL, the PGP presented the Jack Blunt Shield to Bro. Bill Smith ROH of the Welland Lodge along with a Certificate of Merit.


Well done to the Welland Lodge in their support of the Family Welfare Association allotment in Woodston. The Lodge made a financial contribution that was used to purchase a shed. The Brothers also kindly donated a selection of tools for use on the project. (As reported in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph July 2007)

Fenman Lodge 8960

Bingo Night

The event, in support of Hospital at Home, will take place on Friday 25th of March. The Provincial Grand Bingo Caller Bro. Clive Robinson ROH will be in the chair. Doors open at 7.30pm. For more details contact the City Sec. Bro. Jim Hartigan ROH, 01733 242044.

PGP's Charity Supper

Bro. John Beeby presented a Charity evening in support of the PGP's Charity that included a Chippie Supper, Music by the excellent Nathan Brown and a Raffle that raised £300

Quiz Night

On Friday October 8th 2010, Bro. Paul Fountain organised a Quiz in support of the Fenman Charity, Farcet Primary School.

Charity Family Fun Day

The Fun Day took place at the Farcet Village Club on Saturday 18th of September. The event included a mini Beer Festival, Music from two Bands and a Raffle, prizes included, an Indesit Washing Machine, a Mobile Phone, a Microwave and many other great prizes.

The raffle raised £270 for the Charity, Farcet Primary School. 

Chicken Supper & Bingo Night

A Chicken Supper followed by Bingo was held on Friday the 18th of June 2010. Around £300 was raised in support of this years Lodge Charity, Farcet Primary School, more details to come soon.

Cheque Presentation

On Friday the 21st of May, the Worthy Primo, Bro. Barry Burrell KOM assisted by the PGP, Bro. Terry Collingwood ROH, presented a cheque for £1306 to  Michael Clarke from the The Sue Ryder Home, Thorpe Hall, last years Lodge Charity.

Bingo Night / Fish Supper

Was held at the Farcet Village Club on Friday the 5th of March 2010. A "Chippie Supper" was followed by Bingo, with the numbers once again superbly called by Clive Robinson (Provincial Grand Bingo Caller). A total of £327 was raised in support of this years chosen Charity, The Farcet Primary School.

Quiz Night / Fish Supper

Held on Friday 4th of December 2009 at the Farcet Village Club.

Charity Concert, 11th July 2009

Ollie Austin performed at the Farcet Village Club in a Concert held in aid of the Fenman's Charity - Sue Ryder Home at Thorpe Hall . In excess of £500 was raised on behalf of this worthy cause.

Charity Bingo Night

A Bingo Night was held at the Farcet Village Social Club on Friday 27th March 2009. The Fenman made a presentation of £1900 to the Clic Sargent Charity.

Valiant Lodge 8806 

Valiant Lodge Bar-B-Q

The Valiant Lodge held a Bar-B-Q on Sunday 25th of July 2010 in support of Bro. Terry's Charity Appeal, Peterborough City Hospital.

Lodge Room Dedication

The PGP carried out a Dedication of the Queen Eleanor School Sports Hall, (Green Lane, Stamford, PE9 1HE), on the 17th of February, in preparation for the 3rd Degree Raising of the IPPGP Bro. Pete Dudley CP.

Quiz Night 

A Quiz Night was held at the Newage Social Club, Blackfriars Street, Stamford, on Sunday the 7th of March.

Cheque Presentation to Edith Cavell Hospital 2009.

Bro. Terry Collingwood presented a cheque for £300, on behalf of the Valiant Lodge, to Ward 10 of the Edith Cavell Hospital, to be used towards the purchase of a Bladder Scanner. The monies were collected during the last few months by the Brothers of Lodge, many of whom attended the presentation.

Barbeque Sunday 2nd August 2009

The Valiant Lodge held a Barbeque in support of the PGP's Charity Appeal Epilepsy Action - Peterborough Branch

Bro. Sean Mulholland

Bro. Sean was Initiated into the Order at the Valiant Lodge 8806 on Tuesday 14th July 2009. The Sponsors were Bro. Pete Dudley CP and Bro. Robert Dudley. The Ceremony was excellently performed by Bro. Terry Collingwood ROH with a good turnout including visitors from the Queen Elizabeth & Fenman Lodges.

Cheque Presentation to the British Heart Foundation.

On the 25th of February 2009, Bro. Dave Spencer ROH & Bro. Frank Goodley ROH, of the Valiant Lodge, presented a cheque for £210 to Mr. Brian Flack of the British Heart Foundation.

Welcome to the RAOB Bro. Robert Dudley

Bro. Robert was Initiated into the Order on Tuesday 10th February 2009, at the Valiant Lodge by Bro. Dave Spencer ROH.

Star & Garter Presentation 

On the 29th of March 2008, the Valiant Lodge presented a cheque for £500 to the Star & Garter Homes for Ex-Servicemen who have physical or mental disabilities, and the money raised will go towards their care.

Pictured are the members of the Valiant Lodge, with Bro. Terry Collingwood receiving a wall plaque from the Star & Garter in thanks for their donation.

Queen Elizabeth Lodge 7081 

Annual Dinner Dance 2011

This years event will take place on Saturday May 7th. The venue is the Baskervilles on Main Street, Baston. Entertainment will be provided by Colin Powell and there will also be a raffle. For more information contact Bro. Bob Buff, email him at

Cheque Presentation

At the Lodge Meeting on the 10th February 2011, a £500 cheque was presented to five Scouts of the 1st Deeping St. James Scout Group, the Lodge Charity for 2010. Chosen to represent Lincolnshire, they were set a target of £2011 each to enable them to attend this years "World Jamboree" in Sweden. The five greatful Scouts, who included a young lady, gave an informative presentation to the Lodge, explaining that some the monies collected would be used to subsidise Scouts from Third World Countries. They have promissed that on their return they will again visit the Lodge tell us of their adventure.

Quiz Night

A Quiz Night was held on Sunday 8th of November 2009 at the Boundary Club in Market Deeping. The event was won by the 'Sports Club' and raised £280 for the PGP's Outside Charity, Epilepsy Action.

75th Anniversary Dinner

Brethren of the Queen Elizabeth Lodge 7081, celebrated 75 years of Lodge fellowship when they attended an Anniversary Dinner at the Thorney Golf Club, on Saturday 27th January 2007.  Accompanied by their Buffesses, Partners and Guests, an excellent evening was enjoyed by all, with first class entertainment provided by Barnaby.  They now look forward  to celebrating their 80th.

King George Lodge 6553

Charity Cheque Presentation 2011

This years presentation will take place on Saturday 19th of February. There is entertainment from Barnaby and a Buffet included in the Ticket price of £8. For more details contact Bro. Richard Baldock, Tel: 01487 813415

Fish Supper and Bingo

There will be a Charity Fish Supper and Bingo Night in the Conservative Club in Whittlesey on Saturday the 20th of November 2010. The cost will be £5 per head (choice of Fish/Chicken/Sausage), more details from Richard Baldock.

Pig Roast

There will be a Pig Roast on Saturday 26th of June at the Childers in Whittlesey. Entertainment will be provided by Barnaby. The cost is £10 per head, more details from Richard Baldock.

Cheque Presentation to the Rudolph Fund

The Presentation of a cheque for £1000, took place at the Whittlesey Conservative Club on Saturday 27th of February 2010.

Fish & Chip Supper with Bingo

The Bingo night was held on Saturday 14th November 2009 at the Conservative Club in Whittlesey. The event raised monies for the King George's Charity Appeal this year, 'The Rudolph Fund'.

Bar-B-Q Saturday 25th July 2009

The King George Lodge held a Bar-B-Q on Saturday 25th of July, in aid of their chosen Charity 'The Rudolph Fund' at the Childers in Whittlesey. 

Eastgate Lodge 6393

Help for Heroes - 60's / 70's Night

The Lodge will be supporting the above event to be held at the Newark Hotel on Saturday 12th February. Tickets are £10, available from the City Sec. on 01733 563036 or Paul at the Newark Hotel on 01733 569811.

Bro. Sam Sharp ROH

Bro Sam celebrated his 90th Birthday at the Eastgate Lodge on Thursday May 28th 2009. There was a good turn out from the Province and Bro Sam thanked all of the Brothers for their Attendance, Cards, Gifts & Best Wishes.

Brother Sam sadly passed away in September 2010. Sam is greatly missed by both the Lodge and the Province.

80th Anniversary Dinner

The Eastgate Lodge Celebrated its anniversary with a Dinner held at the Thorpe Lodge Hotel on the 28th of January 2008. The event was organised by Bro. Pete Pierce ROH ably assisted by his good lady Anne. The Guest of Honour was the PGP Bro. Pete Carnell KOM who presented 80th Anniversary Jewels to Brothers Henry Muir ROH and Don Munden ROH.

Brothers Henry, Pete & Don

Locomotive 5682

Visitors from South Africa, 2nd September 2010

Bro. Dick Knock ROH receives a Visiting Card from the Inyathi Lodge 10193, presented by Bro. Mark Masterson ROH, Grand Primo, G.L.S.A.

Real Dream Respite Care Presentation

Brother Alan Norris ROH presents the cheque to Margret from the Real Dreams Respite Care Home. Real Dreams provide respite care for local families and will put the donation to good use by providing equipment and facilities to improve the standard of care that they provide.

Brother C.T. Pollington ROH

Mr C.W.Pollington was presented with his late Fathers scroll by
Bro J.Wood KOM together with Mr Pollington's daughter Gail
Arnold and the Officers and Brethren of the Locomotive lodge.

Bro C.T.Pollington ROH was initiated into the Locomotive
Lodge 5682 in September 1927. He worked on the railway all his
life. After his death at the age of 88 his son gave his lodge
regalia away to another Brother who lived in March.

The locomotive lodge was contacted a few weeks ago from a lodge
in Ebbw Vale South Wales to say that the scroll belonging to
Bro CT Pollington ROH had been left outside their lodge room.
How it got there is a mystery. But it has now been returned to
March and to Bro CT Pollington's family.

Gordon Head ROH - Locomotive Lodge 5682 - March

Gordon joined the Order in the Locomotive Lodge 5682 on the 21st of October 1976.He gained all his degrees there in his Mother Lodge.  He was age 82 when he passed away on the 16th January 2010, at home.

Memories of Gordon from the I.P.P.G.P.

I remember him as being a frequent (not quite regular) member of the Lodge due to age, but had a dry sense of humour which raised a laugh if you got him going - like excessive use of blue! Everyone to him then, was not Brother, but any expletive to refer to the bloke getting him on a charge, which to him was, in reply, a load of (more expletives). If found guilty, the brother in the chair and bring the charge were even more expletives. It may seem that he was Mr. Angry, but in fact it was all said as calm as anything, and without malice. It was just his way, which was extremely funny. I am not sure if you remember him, as if I recall, he wasn't there most PGL visits I recall, but if you went on the off chance, he almost always was there, if not a bit late. He will be missed by me, as I looked forward to bringing him on a charge just to get him going, but as a member of the Lodge, his loss of presence will be felt, believe me. A nice bloke to know, and a long-serving member of the Locomotive Lodge.
Bro. Pete Dudley CP I.P.P.G.P. 

Barbeque August 2009

The Locomotive Lodge held a Barbeque on the afternoon of Saturday August 8th, in aid of the PGP's Outside Charity Appeal Epilepsy Action - Peterborough Branch.

Willoughby Lodge 4172

Bro. Brian "Jamie" Wade was raised to the 4th Degree on the 20th of July 2010

ROH President Tony Carpenter ROH with Bro. Jamie Wade ROH

During 2009 the Willoughby Lodge, based in Bourne, made two donations to "Help for Heroes" of £500 each.

Avondale Lodge 3581

Lodge Room Dedication.

The PGP, Bro. Terry Collingwood ROH, dedicated a new Lodge Room on Friday 2nd of July 2010.

Elwell Shield

At October 2009 PGL, the PGP presented a Certificate of Merit to Bro. Ken Blake ROH for the Lodges participation in the Elwell Shield Competition.

Bannister Cup 2009

Captain, Pip Weatherington, receives the Bannister Cup from the PGP.

The Bannister Cup was won by the Avondale Lodge, fishing the Holland Main Drain near Sutton St. James. The 2010 venue is Yoke Farm Fisheries, Upper Benefield on the A427 between Oundle & Corby. More details from Lodge Secretaries

Cecil Lodge 2624

The Elwell Shield

At the October 2008 PGL, the P.G.P. presented the Cecil Lodge with a certificate from Grand Lodge, and commended them for their efforts in the Elwell Shield Competition